Katrina Kaif - Horoscope Evaluation

Our specialists on-line Indian Astrologers adhere to Indian Vedic astrology (Hindu Astrology) system. It is the most accurate and effective than any other astrological systems in the world. Under this system, we require date, time and location of beginning to get moon signal for astrology reading, report, predictions, forecasts, advice and consultations. All the reviews are ready below the guidance of professional astrologers in India.

As per media reviews, she is facing some well being issues. It has been reported that she fainted on the sets of "Tees Maar Khan". Her hemoglobin issue has also been noted by the media. In Astrologer in California Mars denotes RBC (Red Blood Cells). Mars is afflicted in the "prashna" horoscope by becoming debilitated.

Mars- Mars is the lord of 2nd and ninth houses and being lord of 2nd house gives outcomes of the home exactly where its other signal is positioned ie 9th. Therefore Mars leads to benefic outcomes attribute of the 9th house ie religious inclination, rice of fortune, and advantage from govt. etc. If Mars is extremely weak, it leads to losses due to govt., losses because of to family members and loss of wealth by father etc.

Rahu will be in the home of Mars (Agninsangyak) in Aries signal. Therefore you may take birth in hospital or in your maternal place. You might be blessed with great well being and rich. You always have an ambition to grow more and much more. You might have a big family. Your impatient character might create some problems for you so much better to steer clear of it.

Saturn-Saturn is eighth and 9th house lord. Saturn is inauspicious as eighth lord, but the Moola trikona sign website Aquarius falls in 9th, so Saturn is auspicious, but not so much. In great conjunctions and elements Saturn gives auspicious outcomes.

Planets are stricken, debilitated, exalted and form mixture; but if their dasa-bhukti does not come in the lifestyle time of a person when and how a person will get the outcomes of the planets and why one should get these outcomes? The solution is that in dasa-bhukti the native will get key outcomes but at other occasions the indigenous gets some outcomes of the combinations. The strong all-natural benefics give good outcomes for incoming of cash as lord of 3rd, sixth and 11th simply because these are upachaya homes (homes of earnings).

Astrologer is a person who has full and relevant information about this study. They have the comprehensive understanding that how the movement of stars and moon can affect the lives of the people. They have proper knowledge how the astrological chart is to be made and then researched. In this chart the 9 planets are organized in the twelve houses.

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